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Beta Testing Album For Beta 5

Finland: Helsinki cathedral and square taken over by annual motorbike gathering
Finland.jpg (450x337; 47 KBytes)

Finnish Lapland: Sunset over the river Ounasjoki near Rovaniemi in May, 11:20 PM
Lapland.jpg (450x337; 22 KBytes)

Norway: Boats in the harbour of the island of Røst, just south of the island of Værøy
Norway.jpg (450x337; 27 KBytes)

Scotland: Stormy weather developing over Loch Earn (view from Lochearnhead)
Scotland.jpg (450x337; 42 KBytes)

Sweden: Winter view of Stockholm with the ship AF Chapman (YHA). Water "on fire"
Sweden.jpg (450x337; 34 KBytes)

Switzerland: Farm under Dent-de-Jaman (a tooth-shaped mountain above Montreux)
Switzerland.jpg (450x337; 36 KBytes)

tn_Finland.jpg (150x112; 6 KBytes)

Finnish Lapland
tn_Lapland.jpg (150x112; 2 KBytes)

tn_Norway.jpg (150x112; 3 KBytes)

tn_Scotland.jpg (150x112; 4 KBytes)

tn_Sweden.jpg (150x112; 3 KBytes)

tn_Switzerland.jpg (150x112; 4 KBytes)

This is a test album uploaded to try out the FTP features of Album Express.
Lawrence M. Hamilton, Jr.
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Created by Lawrence M. Hamilton, Jr. on March 28, 2001